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<p>For those of you PC gamers who haven't played Layers of Fear yet you're missing out. For those of you who own a Pixel phone and a Daydream, you can now get the VR version.</p><p>If you haven't heard of it before in Layers of Fear: Solitude you play as a psychologically disturbed painter in the Victorian era who tries to complete his work while battling with a very unstable psyche. Walls will change, corridors will continue in endless loops, and paintings will literally just melt off the wall.</p><p>Layers of Fear: Solitude brings everything we loved about the PC version to Daydream and throws us straight into the world to experience things at a much more intimate level. This psychological horror is a match made in heaven for VR.</p><p>If you're one of the lucky folks that owns a Daydream, grab the game on Google Play now for £9.49. The rest of us will just have to hold out and hope more Android devices will be supported next year.</p>.

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