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<p>Only a few months following its Switch version reveal, we finally know when bloody historical beat-em-up Wulverblade is headed to Nintendo’s console: very soon, this Thursday October 12th in fact.</p><p>Wulverblade pits your violent swordplay and melee against rival tribes and the encroaching Roman armies in 120 AD Britian, slaughtering barbarian and centurion alike across the game’s campaign.</p><p>In each of the eight stages and additional combat arenas, you wield blade, axe, and fist through powerful combos and brutal blood-splattering finishers. Alone, you’re a formidable combatant, but you can also fight alongside a friend in local co-op.</p><p>Wulverblade will be available for $19.99 this Thursday on the eShop; the game is also coming to Steam and consoles.</p>.

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