Why AP Automation Projects Fail: Here Are The Mistakes You Should Avoid

Why AP Automation Projects Fail: Here Are The Mistakes You Should Avoid

When you think of AP management solutions, you think of something that’s advanced enough to handle the data that you need to process automatically. Although this is the case, you still need to make sure that the software and system that you implemented were set up correctly. There are a lot of stories about failed AP automation projects. There are common red flags with them.

1. Not fully adapting

This issue is not isolated only to accounts payable automation. It’s actually a lot more common when newer technology meets older. With automation, you will have to make sure that everything that the system requires is processed and is done so in a seamless fashion. If there’s one department that refuses to adapt to the change, it can all fall apart.

A good example would be a pizza restaurant implementing the automation only to online orders and not the orders that they received on the phone. When the system that you’re using has insufficient data, it’s going to be a tough time trying to keep up with what you actually have in terms of the overall invoice statistics.

It may be easy to put the blame on the system, but you have to look at it a different way. You’re using a machine to automate the processing of the payments that you receive online. The software tallies it up and makes a barebones report of what you’ve made so far through your online portal. It’s up to your employees to manually input the rest of the numbers.

2. Not having a goal

When you implement something, you should have a goal as to why you’re doing. Are you doing it for the sake of convenience or are you doing it because you want to be able to give your vendors the confidence that they need to continue or even for new ones start working with you? When you don’t have a clear idea as to why you’re doing something, you may find yourself lost.

After you implement automated AP management solutions, you will need to use the ideas that you had before you implemented the automation. This will make it easier for your company to adapt to the change as well since they know what metrics to focus on with the optimization of your accounts payable software.

3. Not being open-minded

Somewhat of a contrast to number 2, having tunnel vision is one of the most common mistakes AP department leaders have. If you focus too much on the automation of one thing, the rest of the system may suffer. This is due to the scalability depending entirely on how well data is collected and processed.

Think of it as if you own a car. If you only buy it fancy rims, you’re not going to have a lot to work with in terms of the engine. It’ll still be the one that you bought and you shouldn’t expect anything more just because you bought new tires.
AP management solutions can help your business get rid of fraud and common errors in the AP workflow. Contact Nexus Systems today and we’ll show you how.

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