What is the best way to repay student loans?

What is the best way to repay student loans?

Nearly three quarters of the students graduating from college this year carry some sort of student loan debt that they will begin repaying on this year. Millions more are paying on student loans from college degrees many years ago. And, while lapsing on student loan payments will make it difficult to buy a car, a home or even get a job, many former students are learning the hard way just how tough today’s current job market really is. The lack of quality jobs for college graduates is making it difficult for many to make ends meet, let alone repay student loan debt, landing as many as 11% of graduates in student loan default.

Federal studies have revealed that the current economic conditions have not slowed the number of students entering college seeking a degree. However, fewer and fewer of these students have the financial backing they used to, launching the total student loan debt to over $986 billion during the first quarter 2013. And of this $986 billion, over $110 billion of that is past due at least 90 days. What does this mean to the general public? It means that those who choose to go to college to earn a degree simply aren’t making the paychecks they need to in order to pay back their student loans.

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Lawmakers are pushing to reform federal student loan repayment plans to address this issue. Certain experts believe that by creating an income-based repayment plan, the number of defaulted loans will be significantly reduced. However, these changes are years away from being a reality, which isn’t helping those who are struggling today.

So, what options are there out there to help those in need? Believe it or not, there are several options out there designed to make student loan debt repayment easier. Several private organizations have been formed to help students deal with their student loan debt loads. These student loan assistance programs gives them access to funds they can use to repay their student loans without going into additional debt. These programs allow those who have student loan debt the opportunity to apply for these funds, much like a scholarship or grant program. There are also student loan consolidation options that are designed to help students manage their loan debt and make timely payments which can improve their credit score while helping to make repayment more manageable.

Student loan consolidation consists of refinancing multiple student loans into one larger loan. There is one payment to make each month and students can choose to extend their repayment term in order to get a lower payment that is more manageable for those who are just starting out in their respective careers. This can be the perfect option for those who do not qualify for student loan forgiveness or cancellation under several existing programs.

For more information. Please visit https://www.studentloans.gov/myDirectLoan/index.action
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