Using printing of Shirts in Singapore for Marketing and Promotions

Using printing of Shirts in Singapore for Marketing and Promotions

With high marketing budgets denting bottom-line businesses with price point pressure due to increase in competition, many companies have adopted an innovative and economical form of marketing and promotion, using printing of shirts in Singapore and other printed apparels with Print Infinito leading the segment.

With more and more companies ditching formal suits for custom printed apparels like printed t-shirts, hoodies and sweat shirts, woven shirts, polo shirts etc with cleverly designed apparels marketing and communicating various messages for these companies which can be carefully designed to communicate and market their corporate logo and message, description of your products and services, offers etc.

Many of Print Infinito’s cliental like OSIM, DKNY, Estee Lauder, SingTel, OCBC Bank, Philip Morris, Impact Mixed Martial Arts, DSTA, RBS, DataLogic etc are following this trend in tradeshows and seminars with availing services for printing of shirts in Singapore, windbreaker printing services and printing of various other forms of apparels like hoodies and sweatshirts, caps and hats, t-shirt printing, polo shirts etc from Print Infinito while participating in trade shows, seminars, conferences etc.

T-shirt printing and printing on other apparel can also serve well for corporate gifting creating in a strong marketing tool generate regular brand recall in mind of the user.s

These windbreaker printing services, t-shirt printingand printing of various other for of apparels are also used by individuals and amateur designers trying to bring their designs to life.

Various techniques and methodologies are adopted fort-shirt printing, windbreaker printing servicesand printingof various forms of apparels includes techniques and methods such asvinyl transfer, digital transfer, dye sublimation, direct to garment – DTG print, embroidery and silkscreen printing, wherein methods are selected based on nature of design, number of colours and patterns within a design, complexity of design, type of apparel and fabric used to make the apparel, volume of printing etc.

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