Troubling Shooting Mansfield Air Repair Problems 

Troubling Shooting Mansfield Air Repair Problems 

It always happens. The temperature soars in Mansfield and a homeowner’s air conditioner experiences a common problem. It is may not be time to throw out the entire unit and go to a home improvement store and buy another. For a homeowner, the most helpful thing they can do for themselves and the ac repair Mansfield OH technician is to look for the common air conditioning problems. 

The Air Condenser Won’t Run 

If the air condenser doesn’t come on, check the power. Hopefully, the unit is unplugged and that’s all that is wrong. If the unit is plugged in, check for any tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse. If this is the problem, restore the power to find out if the air condenser starts running. 

Another problem is that the unit’s thermostat isn’t properly set. Lower the thermostat about five degrees. It should start running. If that doesn’t work, it may be the compressor or faulty motor. At this point, it is time to contact an AC professional. 

The AC Unit isn’t Cooling the House 

When the AC unit doesn’t cool the house when it’s running, check the thermostat. This is to make sure the thermostat is properly working. Also, check the condenser. It shouldn’t be blocked or dirty. If it is, remove the blockage to see if the unit cools off the house. The condenser can sometimes become blocked by grass, airborne debris or tall weeds. 

If the unit isn’t blowing out cold air, it may be a more serious problem. For instance, inadequate refrigerant or a faulty compressor could be the problem. These are issues that a HVAC will resolve. 

The AC Unit Pushes out an Inadequate Amount of Cool Air 

Another common problem is the AC comes on and it runs, but it doesn’t cool off the house. Lower the thermostat about five degrees. If that doesn’t work, check the evaporator. It may be dirty. Carefully clean the unit’s evaporator. Turn it on and let it run for three or more hours. If the problem persists, it may be time to contact a HVAC technician. The problem could be that the AC unit is the wrong size. 

The AC Unit Repeatedly Stops 

Another common issue is the AC unit comes on, then shuts off repeatedly. The condenser unit is blocked or dirty. The evaporator is dirty. Sometimes a HVAC technician is needed because the entire unit needs to be cleaned. The technician will remove any obstructions in the unit to eliminate the problem of shutting on and off repeatedly. 

When to Call a Mansfield HVAC Professional 

AC unit is tricky because some of the common problems can be resolved. Cleaning an air conditioner is something a homeowner can do on their own as long as they have a basic understanding of what to do. The homeowner can also check some common AC problems to determine if the problems are easily solvable or major repairs. Major repairs always require a HVAC professional.


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