Top Kodaikanal Attractions That One Must Not Miss Visiting

Top Kodaikanal Attractions That One Must Not Miss Visiting

Situated in the state of Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal is a place so beautiful, you will have to see it to believe it. Lush green forests, majestic waterfalls, the mighty Western Ghats and the virgin wilderness, the place truly lives up to its name which translates to ‘Gift of the Forest’.

Relax, explore and reconnect with this picturesque town in Southern India. A little piece of heaven on Earth, it is extremely popular among honeymoon goers and youngsters. It is also a must-visit for nature-lovers and photography enthusiasts with its gorgeous scenery and natural landscape. The rush to this hill station is never-ending, and one must book in advance to ensure you have a place to stay, and you might even get to enjoy a discount on Kodaikanal hotels if you book in time. When there, make sure you absolutely visit these places.

  • Kodai Lake

Possibly the most known lake in Kodaikanal, it is a star-shaped lake that is surrounded by the lush Palani Hills. A boat ride across this lake is a magical affair as it allows you to completely appreciate the magnificence of the surrounding peaks. It is located only 3 kilometres away from the Bus Stand and is easily accessible. Go to the lake to experience the true magnificence of nature. The lake also has small waterfalls nearby and has a rich variety of flora growing on its periphery.

  • Coaker’s Walk

Take a leisurely walk along this path that allows you to see the beauty of the valley and the surrounding landscape at your own pace. You can even ride a bicycle on the path that starts from the famous Allen hospital before it winds down near the St.Peter’s Church. The path was built by Lt. Coaker in 1872 and is very popular among people looking to just spend time with nature. On a less cloudy day, one can even glimpse the Pambar river and the Dolphin nose in the distance.

  • Bear Shola Falls

The interestingname for this falls is because bears would actually use the falls to drink water. Situated close to the Kodai Lake, it is a great spot for picnics due to its amazing natural beauty. The nearby areas also offer amazing trekking opportunities for adventure-loving individuals. The serenity and tranquillity of this place is its most unique feature and provides respite to the city-dwellers used to the concrete jungles. There is also a dense forest that is home to many animals and is ripe for short treks.

  • Pillar Rocks

The perfect picnic spot for your friends and family, this place has the most stunning views of the hill station. The small garden near it is the ideal place for you to relax and spend some quality time away from the chaotic pace of the city. The placehas three vertically placed pillars of rock, hence the name and is also famous for being the location of the Devil’s Kitchen, a small space between the two rocks which is recommended only for the adventurous people.

  • Thalaiyar Falls

The highest waterfall in Tamil Nadu, the Thalaiyar falls are an absolutely stunning piece of natural marvel. The falls can be seen from the opposite side on the Dum Dum Rock viewpoint, and the sight will surely take your breath away with the gushing water falling from a height of 975 ft surrounded by nothing but the greenery of the mountains. While Kodaikanal has many waterfalls to its credit, this one will surely take your breath away.

Charming, natural beauty with valleys and ranges that simply take your breath away, Kodaikanal is a piece of wonder and amazement. If you are planning to go to this beautiful town, make sure you avail of the discount on Kodaikanal hotels to save on your hotel bookings. For an unforgettable vacation, come to Kodaikanal.

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