Top Australian Lotteries to Play

Top Australian Lotteries to Play

The Australians love playing the lottery due to which it is not surprising that there are tons of lotteries you can play in the country. There have been plenty of winners who have taken home some substantial jackpots as the lotteries offer some really good odds. These days, you can also play online, which is quite convenient and also gives you peace of mind because you don’t have to worry about losing your ticket. Plus, you are notified via email about the results of the lotteries you have participated in. The problem is deciding what game to play? There are a variety of lotteries you can try your luck at and new ones are introduced regularly.

Some Australian lotteries to consider are:

Monday Lotto

As the name indicates, this runs every Monday in which eight numbers are drawn from a total of 45. The first six are the winning numbers and the last two are ‘supplementary’ and are used for giving lower prizes. You have to select six numbers and the prizes can vary, depending on how many numbers you are able to match.

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Wednesday Lotto

Played on Wednesday, this runs the same way as the Monday Lotto. You don’t have to match all six numbers to win, which means that you can still take home the big bucks without getting all the correct numbers.

Saturday Lotto

Just like the Monday and Wednesday Lotto, this game requires you to choose six numbers and has similar odds. As for the prizes, they are calculated on a pari-mutuel basis, which means the prize you take home depends on the ticket sales and the number of winners in a specific division. While this game is recognized in Western Australia and New South Wales, it has different names in other regions. It is called the Gold Lotto in Queensland and there is the X lotto in South Australia. The Tatts Lotto results you hear people talking about in Tasmania, Victoria, ACT and the Northern Territory is another name for Saturday Lotto.    


There is a lot of money to be won through the Powerball as the top prizes are in millions, but it does have some tough odds. 2 different machines are used for drawing 2 sets of numbers. For playing the standard game, you have to choose six numbers from the first machine that comprises of 40 balls. The second machine has 20 balls and you have to pick a Powerball number from it. For the draw, the six numbers are selected from the first machine and one number from the second.

Set for Life

As the name indicates, the Set for Life lotto results can actually set you for life. Rather than getting a lump sum, the winners are paid on a monthly basis for twenty years. This is the best option for people who don’t want to take the entire amount and would prefer to get the monthly income instead. Select numbers between 1 and 37 and use them for draws in the full week thereby increasing your chance to win.  

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