Top 5 Trending Promotional Giveaways at Conferences

Top 5 Trending Promotional Giveaways at Conferences

Nothing helps elevate the brand image of your company more than promotional giveaways at trade or business conferences. The trends for these giveaways have drastically changes and prospects expect high-quality giveaways. Now, it is time for you to go beyond the pen and think of giveaways that would help your brand create the image that you expect from it.

Here are some trendy ideas from Custom gear promotional giveaways for business/trade conferences.

Urban Computer Carrier

An urban branded computer carrier bag is a perfect giveaway idea, which would not only make your prospects admire your dedication but will also help elevate your brand presence. Since computer carrier bags are carried across places, your brand will go to places unimagined. Moreover, you could either give the bag as a standalone item, or do even more favours by having it filled with other branded swag, like a water bottle.

Companies have been giving out these bags to employees during the onboarding process, but 2018 has seen these bags come up as the perfect promotional material for a trade/business conference. They carry numerous advantages, which make them perfect to have by your side.

Portable Speaker

A portable Bluetooth speaker that can be taken along everywhere is a rising prospect in the market of promotional materials given by businesses in conferences. These portable speakers make use of the tech craze in prospects by giving them an on the go music experience that helps spread the word about your brand and its offering.

Amplify the music experience for your prospects and give them a tech giveaway that is up with the trends of the time.

Smart Mobile Wallet

The smart mobile wallet is fast rising as one of the trendiest accessories out there. Made out of slim silicone material, these small wallets can easily be attached with the outside of any mobile or mobile cover. Once attached, they can be used for storing cards and other valuables in a safe place.

The smart wallet is a great conference giveaway, since it comes in handy for attendees from the word go. Users can attach the wallet to their mobile, and carry your brand across places.

Multiple Device Charger

Everyone at business or trade conferences loves chargers. Since you can never have enough of them, every person loves a charger. And, in this age of feasibility, you can enhance the usefulness of your branded charger by adding multiple ports to it. Let multiple users charge their devices at the same time, and be attracted by the presence of your brand on the charger.

Tech items, as we mentioned above, are trending as hot favourites for promotional giveaways, which is why this is a win-win situation for you.

Soft Mesh Cap

With temperatures expected to grow over the coming months, a soft mesh cap is perfect for the warm weather. Wearables never go out of favour with conference audiences, which is why you can be sure of the users being happy at the giveaway. You get great exposure when your receivers wear them around, flaunting the exceptional service and image of your brand.

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