Tips To Get Cheaper Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance

Tips To Get Cheaper Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance

When you buy a two-wheeler, the first concern will be to get an insurance. A comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy is considered as the better choice. The other alternative, third-party liability insurance is just liable for the damages and injuries caused to a third party. It won’t offer any support to the injuries or damages to that happen to you. But, as per government rules, all the two-wheelers should have third party liability coverage. This is where a comprehensive insurance comes to the rescue. It offers both third party liability coverage as well as coverages for your personal injuries and damages to the vehicle.

Getting an insurance is always considered to be a costly affair. But, with the right tips and tricks, you can easily get a moderately priced insurance offering all the coverages you need. The comprehensive insurance offers a wider coverage and is hence the most favored insurance among two-wheelers. It can be a bit costly than the third-party insurance, but it always worth the money spent. Here are some of the best tips to get cheaper comprehensive two-wheeler insurance:

Make Use Of Your NCB (No Claim Bonus)

You will be rewarded with an NCB (No Claim Bonus) if you do not make any insurance claims in any policy year. The discounts will be added when the policy is renewed the next year. Another great fact is that NCB is progressive in nature. For every year you do not make any claims, the discounts also get added. The discounts can start from twenty percent and can progress to even fifty percent if you do not make any claims in five years. A flat fifty percent discount would be a dream come true opportunity for any two-wheeler. Hence, try getting the NCB by taking care of petty issues like a small dent in the vehicle by yourself.

A Wise Choice Of Add-Ons Can Save Your Day!

There is an option to add more riders to your comprehensive insurance plan. It can widen the coverage options but increase the premiums! Hence, choose the add-ons wisely and only choose those which you really need. Never choose any add-on without thinking about the extent of usage when compared to the increase in premiums. Some of the popular add-ons in a comprehensive insurance policy are the zero depreciation benefits, roadside assistance and return to invoice.

On- Time Policy Renewal!

Most of us tend to forget the policy renewal even when the insurance company reminds you of the same. We tend to put it for tomorrow and end up being late to renew the insurance. Usually, two-wheeler insurances are offered for a time period of one to three years. After that period, you need to renew it. If you delay the renewal process, then that increases the premiums. Why take the risk? On-time renewal can save you from all the hassles! Also, when you are already late to renew the premium, you won’t get enough time to compare the different options and choose the best insurance quote for your two-wheeler. If the bike insurance policy gets lapsed, the premium on policy renewal will be high. Hence, always be up to date about policy renewal and always take time to consider your options, compare and choose the quote.

A Good Record In Driving Can Help!

Always remember to drive safe. Avoid driving the vehicle when you are drunk or sleepy. Don’t over speed or cause accidents. Maintaining a good driving record can pay in the form of lower premiums. A safe driver will have lesser accidents and hence will make only fewer claims. A driving record with fewer claims means, a greater rate of NCB! The insurance company will also be assessing the driver in you. When they realize that you pose a lesser risk to them, they obviously lower the premium for you. Thus, a good driving record can be your ticket to the best insurance quote!


The bike insurance policy is a vast arena with a wide range of policies available for you to choose from. Never hasten your decision and choose the first policy you come across. That can be the worst decision you ever made! Over dozen policies are waiting to be reviewed by you. Take time and compare the options at hand. Inquire your insurance provider about the various policies and coverages available. Compare between various companies and compare between various policy coverages. This comparison study will help you choose the best available option. Never make the mistake of blindly choosing the cheapest insurance policy. The cost might be cheap, but the coverages will also be less! Always check whether the policy includes all the coverages you need. Also, check whether there are any coverages or add-ons you don’t need. If you come across any such coverage, then ask your insurance provider for another quote without that coverage. Unnecessary coverages can also increase your premiums.

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