The easiest way to create your pay stubs

The easiest way to create your pay stubs

These days, employers are stuck with too much workload that they do not even have the time to create a proper pay stub for their employees. Here is to help you create instant online pay stubs. According to recent surveys, this service has been most frequently used by many to save time and money. The surveys say that companies have found this pay stub maker extremely useful and time saving. Now, the old days of sitting down to finish the pay stubs during the beginning of month will long be gone.

Here are a few distinctive features of this website:

The best feature of the service is that, they are providing 24/7 customer support which allows you to work at even the darkest hour of the day to complete your pay stubs.

  • To make things easier for new users,  provides a sample pay stub that the customer can refer to and work accordingly with.
  • In addition to the sample pay stub provided by the website, they also offer a training video on “How to Create a Pay Stub Effectively” which is very informative and helps greatly with new users of the website.
  • The service also provides a “Live Chat” option where you can chat live with our support team about any kind of help needed.

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Directions to create your own pay stub:

  • You can either click on the “Build your pay stub” option on the menu bar that is displayed on the top or you can scroll down to find the numbered instructions on the middle of the home page.
  • Add in your information to create a pay stub:

 A page opens where in you will have to give the details that go on your pay stub.

  • Previewing your pay stub:

 After entering in the information, you can get a preview of how your pay stub is going to appear.

  • Completing your order:

Once you have decided that the pay stub you have just created is ready to go, you can finish your order.

  • Printing your pay stub: After finishing your order, you just have to get a connection to a printer and get your pay stubs printed.

Is it not a simple task to adopt instead of spending time sitting with the person in charge, to create pay stubs? Well, now who would not prefer this service? The website team even sends a fixed file in no less than an hour if you make any errors in creating your pay stubs. Apart from all this, the website has a number of blogs to help out their users on various aspects as in, “how to keep your pay stubs”, “The comfort in going digital” and so on.

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