The Almighty Dollar: What we Think About Money

The Almighty Dollar: What we Think About Money

In the pursuit of happiness, many of us get tripped up into thinking we need money to get there. However, this isn’t an existential lesson on the meaning of life. Rather, let’s take a look at how we at humans look at money, what it means, how it traps us, and how we can change our thinking.

Switch your Mentality

There’s a little thing called the “Someday Mentality,” which is the tendency for us to say “someday I’ll go to Europe, or someday I’ll own a house like that.” Problem is, “someday” doesn’t always happen because you’ve separated yourself emotionally from your goal, says Entrepreneur. There are many speed bumps in the road to attaining what you want, from tuition bills to car payments to tax payments. Thing is, those will always be there, or at least some form of those obligations.

Instead of accepting your reality, think “I want that house and I will do everything in my power to get it.” Once you’ve affirmed this goal, your actions will follow through. You have be committed though! Waiting for “someday” will mentally keep you from achieving your dreams. Live it now.

Choose Wealth

Only you can choose to be wealthy, no one else. Many people don’t realize they can make this choice, and so they stagnate and accept a relative vow of poverty. If you want a certain lifestyle that involves vacations, fancy clothes, nice cars and the like, you have to come up with some clear-cut goals to attain that lifestyle. Come up with a plan of attack that leaves no stone unturned.

Eliminate any addictive behaviors that may be prohibiting you from choosing wealth, such as gambling, entertainment or oversleeping. Instead, make the conscious decision to pursue profitable activities that will lead to your end goal.

Pleasing the Parents

No matter how old you are, you likely hold very staunch beliefs about money, how to attain it, and how to keep it. We learn these behaviors from our parents, and these beliefs are very hard to shake. Think about it: many of our financial behaviors stem back to our parents, from big-ticket items to stock investments.

Are you still in the trap of the need for your parent’s approval? This can be devastating for your financial future in the case of those who were taught to save every penny, steer clear of risk from the stock market, and build a nest egg the old fashioned way. You could be missing out on some very profitable investments through this practice.

Break out of your parents’ influence and make money decisions that affect you. And always know the trusted name of a securities fraud attorney for your own sake.

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