Termite inspection san jose

Termite inspection san jose

Termites are extremely destructive. They will eat your house from the underside causing to make repeated repairs. It is estimated that termites cause over $50 billion in damage in the US alone annually When you call exterminators for termite inspection San Jose, there is a number of things that they check to determine if your home has been infested or not. Here are some of them.

Presence of swarmers 

There are three major types of termites in the USA. The most prevent type is the subterranean type. The termites start new colonies from the existing ones. This is started by the production of winged termite adults called alateat. The alateats are released in swarms especially during the spring season. If there are several winged termites in the house, it is an indication of a nest nearby.

Presence of mud tubes 

You can notice this on your own too. The presence of mud tubes is an obvious sign of termite infestation. You may find them around the foundation, on the wooden door frames, the crawlspace, and the attic among other areas. If you find a fresh mud tube, it is an indication that termites are currently active on the property. Call an exterminator for further inspection as soon as possible.

Mud in construction joints 

Termites are hardworking builders that seal every small gap they find on the way with wood cellulose and mud to stay comfortable. You may not spot the mud tubes in the house but may see crusted dirt around cracks and holes in the house. Other mud may be crammed into the construction joints. This is a sure sign that there are termites living in your home.

Wood in your compound 

Termites love wood and would go to any would that is available around the home. Here are some features that termite inspection San Jose exterminators check to confirm the presence of the termites.

  • Wood fencing around the home: The termites get into your compound through the wood fence. If it is eaten, the termites are there
  • Firewood: If you leave a pile of firewood, out overnight and find mud tubes in the morning, it means that there are termites around. Avoid attracting the termites by storing the wood off the ground.
  • Dead wood: Termites also eat away dead branches on the ground. It is a good sign that the termites are around your compound. Remove dead branches if you live in a termite prone area.

Wood damage 

This is the most popular sign of wood damage. The exterminator will tap the wood during the inspection. If the piece of wood makes a hollow sound and there is the sound of falling particles, it means that the wood has been eaten from outside.

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