Six Benefits for Businesses to Switch to Scrum

Six Benefits for Businesses to Switch to Scrum

Businesses rely on technology to help them manage most of the processes that they use throughout the day, including production management. While there are several programs designed to help with these processes, there is one called Scrum that is becoming increasingly popular. Here are six main benefits of using Scrum for businesses.

Improves Product Quality

Businesses that use Scrum often have products that are a better quality than they had with their old system. With Scrum, there is daily testing that allows for inspections of the products as they develop. Early detection of problems helps the quality assurance team design solutions and implement them quickly to avoid material waste and production delays.

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Faster Product Delivery

By using Scrum, most businesses were able to deliver their products about 30% to 40% faster than with traditional methods. Delivering products to customers more quickly helps to make them more satisfied, especially when the quality of the product is better when using Scrum. It also allows businesses to make higher revenues because more agile development allows for earlier and regular product releases.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Scrum teams can collaborate with customers and keep them informed throughout the production process. Funding projects can be done a little at a time, instead of businesses needing to come up with larger up-front monetary commitments. Having a closer working relationship with businesses helps customers to be happier because the system provides for quicker releases of products, which can lead to higher revenues.

Better Morale

When team members have more control over their work environment, they will be happier and more productive. Also, with the proper training, they will learn new skills and grow as employees by being able to help others when they have questions or with any problems that arise. If your company is interested in having its team learn Scrum, find out more about training at

Do More with Better Collaboration

Scrum teams can collaborate with businesses on projects and they take ownership of production quality and project performance when problems arise. They do this by having planning meetings with the development team to organise their work around business priorities. Also, the Scrum team can meet to discuss which projects have been completed, which projects are coming up, and how to resolve issues with roadblocks.

Improved Metrics

When goals are set, there needs to be a way to measure the progress toward those goals. The metrics that Scrum teams use are often more relevant and accurate than those used for traditional methods. There are several reasons why Scrum metrics are better, including:

  • Timelines and budgets are based on performances and capabilities.
  • It takes less than a minute to update charts showing progress toward sprint goals.
  • Actual costs versus opportunity costs of current projects can be measured to find out whether a project should be terminated.

There are several other benefits to switching to Scrum for managing your company’s software and product development. It can reduce your company’s costs, it provides better metrics for measuring goals, and it can help customers increase their profits.

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