Scott Beale Tempus – Comparative Study Between Turbo Jets

Scott Beale Tempus – Comparative Study Between Turbo Jets

Aircrafts have seen a steady progress over the years and this has improved comforts in the first place. Aircrafts, back in those were propeller backed and the range of flying was restricted along with a lack of technical improvements. Fast forward, post 70s, flying grew faster with the introduction of Turbojet planes. This was a revelation in the world of aviation, which by far progressed to leaps and bounds without the assistance of all the modern technical instruments. Scott Beale Tempus here is comparing the different types of commercial aircraft class, which are known to humankind.

Types of Aircrafts from Scott Beale Tempus’s knowledge

Turboprop Aircrafts

Turboprop aircrafts are usually those aircrafts whose turbine engine is driven with a separate attached propeller. This is perhaps the simplest jet engines where the air is driven with a compressor. Usually, the fuel is added to the compressor, which props the fan to run faster and the hot air enters the turbine and finally exits through the exhaust channel.

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The bypass ratio of these aircrafts is usually on the higher side. Bypass ratio determines the amount of air bypassing the outer shaft to that of the turbines. Thus, the thrust increases with a sedate speed. Usually a turboprop planes flies at a speed from 650 to 800kmph at maximum and generally are fit for smaller aircrafts. Aircrafts such as Bombardier Dash 8 Q400, ATR-72 are two of the most popular turboprop planes in the world right now.


Turbofan jet engine is perhaps the most popular and widely used jet engines in the world right now. Almost all the regular commercial aircrafts contains the turbofan setup, which follows a technology where the fan runs inside a concealed chamber, which in turn contains a turbine shaft. This assures the propulsion blades are inside the conceal where the high pressure and low pressure shafts work in pushing the air into the combustion chamber, which in return pushes to the low pressure turbines. Ultimately, the air bypass ratio assures the type of jet engine ensures the setup to be very fuel efficient and the aircrafts generally flies less than Mach 1.

The world’s largest aircraft, Airbus A380 has 4 such engines, so does the 2nd largest aircraft from its rival Boeing, the 747, which too contains 4 engines. Other aircrafts such as Boeing 787 Dreamliner, 777, 767, 757, 747,737 and Airbus’s A-320, 330, 340,350, 360, and 380 contains twin engines.


Turbojet is a complete air intake engine, which is generally used in SST’s. SST or Super Sonic Transports are those, which can fly above the speed of sound. Turbojet engines have entered the commercial airways in the early 70s and now have been discontinued ever since. These engines have 0 air bypass ratio and the speed of these aircrafts are the highest among commercial aircrafts. Some famous iconic aircrafts such as Concorde, TupolovTu series are the two commercial turbojet aircrafts.

Aircrafts have seen three distinct types, in the end there is always a hope for a better and an innovative future and Scott Beale Tempus assures this fact. It will be fun to watch a newer type of aircraft in the future.

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