Promoting Your Nonprofit Organization

Whether your organization has been around for a while or is just getting started, you need to promote your nonprofit in the best way possible. Effective promotions allow nonprofits to generate support from the community and establish strong ties to the community as well.

What is a nonprofit organization?

A nonprofit organization is a business that does not seek to make a profit, for the sake of being profitable from providing a product or service. A nonprofit organization is typically established to provide some type of needed service within a community or communities. The service can be education, help with medical care, public awareness, or anything that benefits a population.

Advice for Nonprofit Fundraising

Types of Nonprofits

Nonprofits can be established to provide education and awareness of a common problem or health issue within society. They can also be established to provide specific services to those who need them. Other nonprofit organizations are established to raise funds to fight diseases and support research. Every nonprofit has a purpose, or an aim, which focuses on benefiting society in one way or another.

Social welfare agencies, labor organizations, chambers of commerce, and professional boards are all examples of nonprofit organizations. These organizations are also established to provide some type of benefit for community members, certain types of professionals, or those working in certain industries. Some unions of professionals are also considered nonprofit, because they only collect dues to offset administrative costs for member services.

Marketing and promoting nonprofit organizations

Marketing and promoting nonprofits requires some knowledge and skill in selecting the right channels. This is important, because many nonprofit organizations rely on financial and other donations from private and public sources.

Supporters of nonprofits should be able to make donations easily, without any hassles. Effective promotions allow other potential donors or contributors to see what the organization does, how it operates, and why contributions are important. The methods for promotion below should be considered for all nonprofit organizations.

– Social media

Social media is popular among people of all ages. Any nonprofit that wants to reach people from different age groups and cultures should consider reaching out via social media. The message doesn’t have to be long. In fact, the shorter the better, when contacting people through social media. Social media can be used for press releases, updates, and for spreading awareness of what the organization does.

– Web and online

A website is almost essential for any organization, including a nonprofit. The website allows the organization to connect with potential supports, current and past supporters, and community partners. It also allows supports to connect in a personal way, through email inquiries.

Some organizations use blogs for members to share information and experiences. Blogs can be used to share general information and discuss community challenges or problems the organization often addresses through its work.

– Community events

Community events such as expos can be a great way for nonprofits to get the word out about what they do or increase social awareness of certain community issues. Community events can increase exposure to potential donors and supporters as well.

– Written communications

Any written communications used in promoting a nonprofit should explain what the organization does, why support is needed, and how the organization has helped in the past. The message should be aligned with any messages available on the organization’s website and in social media messages.

Other channels for promotion, such as radio or television advertising, are usually adopted by larger organizations that must reach very large audiences. Radio and television promotions are expensive, so their value should be considered carefully.

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