London: Refrigeration Solutions You Must Know About

London: Refrigeration Solutions You Must Know About

If you’re London based and run an establishment or are hosting an event over the next few months don’t forget that you need adequate refrigeration for all peak season food storage and catering requirements. Not just on the day but prior to and after high demand.

The health and safety, food hygiene and logistics do’s and don’ts may seem unceasing but they are there for a reason.

In the capital, there’s a plethora of mobile fridges suppliers, not all are as good as they may claim so please do your research and look beyond the city. Icecool Trailers are a leading fridge hire London services provider who are guaranteed to adhere to legislation. Don’t take risks, trust only the best mobile fridges firms.

Fridge vans

Whilst many multi-site food vendors find these convenient, events host’s and establishments tend to eschew them because:

  • They’re self-drive – this can be daunting. Also has time implications.
  • The client incurs fuel costs – must replace used fuel.
  • Less easy to hide in a corner.
  • If the van breaks down on route, you must tackle the problem and the delays.
  • Costs are higher due to inherent maintenance and MOT fees for the hire firm.

Mobile fridges for hire – trailers are a lot more attractive:

  • Fridge trailers are on wheels.
  • Mobile fridges can be positioned exactly where they are required on site, inside or outdoors, because they are powered by mains or generator.
  • They are available in different sizes and capacities.
  • Mobile fridges are lockable and the keys are left with clients.
  • Hire facilities are insured.
  • The fridges for hire are set up by the firm’s team.
  • They also deliver and collect the fridge trailer which saves the client time and energy.
  • Events need a lot of attention from organisers so fridge hire London firms won’t waste your time. They should make the experience stress free.
  • Mobile fridge hire facilities can be worked in. This meets legislation.
  • Self-drive towing of fridge trailers is not permitted.
  • There are no fuel costs transferred to the client with mobile fridges for hire.
  • A fridge trailer won’t break down on the motorway and leave you stranded on the M25!
  • Clients need to insure the stock they place in the fridge hire facilities.
  • Emergency mobile fridges hire services are available 24/7 through leading fridge hire London professionals.

Cold room – a convenient solution for interior use.

  • Cold rooms are static. Once in position, that’s where they must remain for the hire period.
  • They are powered by mains or generator.
  • Fridges for hire are available in different sizes and capacities.
  • The fridges are assembled on site and set up/deconstructed by the firm’s team. No need to worry that the unit won’t fit through the door.
  • Staff can work in the cold rooms without contravening the rules.
  • Clients must insure the stock they place in the cold rooms.
  • Enjoy emergency services for fridges for hire.

Speak to an exemplary and leading fridge hire London firm today. Make your catering experience wholly positive.

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