Invest in an Insurance Restoration Franchise

Invest in an Insurance Restoration Franchise

The insurance restoration business is one of the most recession-proof sub-industries of construction. When the weather gets bad, or when fires or other types of disaster occur, insurance companies call them to assess and repair the damage. An insurance restoration franchise is a great opportunity to provide a much-needed service in your community.

Our company offers more than just disaster clean-up. We guide our clients through the entire process of working with their insurance companies to reconstruct their homes and businesses. We don’t just swoop in to clean up the mess and then leave a building with holes in the walls and no flooring. We are there with our clients through to their returning as much as possible to their way of life before the damage occurred.

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Being a full-service company makes us stand out from other companies. So, while you may think that you would have a lot of competition in a territory from other companies, the truth is that you’re in a unique niche: one company that provides all the services that the client needs and that prevents their having to work with more than one vendor to get their properties back into the condition they should be in.

When you own one of our franchises, you’re working with a company that has an average gross profit margin of nearly 44 percent and contracts that are invoiced out at an average of over $1.47 million. You’ll be working in a multi-billion industry that offers territories around the country. Should you be interested and have the infrastructure, you could qualify to be part of multi-unit development agreements, thus further increasing your potential profit.

To get started as a franchisee, you’ll need an investment of between $162,755 and $332,220. The return on that investment is significant, however. Take a look at the bad weather events in your city from the last year, and you’ll quickly see how profitable working with us can be. When people call their property insurance companies to report damage, they also call us, and we are quickly on-site to return our customers’ properties to their pre-loss condition.

An insurance restoration franchise comes with the unparalleled support that you receive from our corporate team. We are here to answer any questions you have about any step of the process, and we are proud of our effective business model that you can use to start down the road to being your own boss today.

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