How To Start Your Freelance Content Writing Business

Recently, you’ve been thinking about starting a freelance content writing business. Maybe you’ve already worked as a writer for a newspaper, or you’ve always wanted to write for companies online, but you weren’t sure how to get started. All you know is that people are always making money online with Instagram and running remote tech companies, and you’re ready to take that plunge. But you aren’t exactly sure how to get started. Luckily, there are some great strategies you can use to start a successful freelance content writing business.

All it takes is a mix of getting the right experience, creating a great website, and connecting with your customers using social media. And here’s how to do it, so that you’ll be making money as a content writer in no time.

Get some experience

Maybe, you’ve already got some writing experience, with a college literary magazine or drafting content for a company down the street. But if you want to be taken seriously as a content writer, you need some experience doing it online. Most companies looking for freelancers post their jobs online, and they want you to be reliable even when they aren’t sitting down at the same café where you’re typing away. Nothing demonstrates to a potential employer that you’re reliable and able to meet deadlines–and a good writer, too–better than work references and proof of online work.

You might be thinking: “How do I get experience without experience?” Well, luckily there are plenty of places you can experience, especially if you’re willing to do it for free. You can look at Upwork or You can even volunteer with your favorite local organizations, helping them improve e-newsletters that ask subscribers to donate money to a good cause. Considering that 69 percent of freelancers have said that technology has made it easier for them to find work, do some searches online and find that perfect company to get some experience.

Additionally, consider getting certified in something related to your work. Whether it’s a certification in blogging or social media management, it’ll turn heads when employees check out your website.

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Host your business on a great website

As a freelancer, you need a great website. It should include the main page, information about your services, a blog, a portfolio of your prior work, and an “about me” page. And it needs to look professional, which means hiring a web designer or using a site builder like Wix or WordPress. Additionally, don’t forget to optimize for mobile.

Americans checked their phones 80 times a day in 2017, and there’s no doubt that number has gone up since then. That means they’re likely to run across your website on their phones in addition to their desktops. According to Marketing Partners:

“Websites that aren’t mobile optimized usually have longer load times and smaller text. Causes of slow-loading content relate to images displayed on the site not being optimized and code that needs to be cleaned up. This frustrates customers and causes them to leave your site faster. Optimizing your website and holding on to these visitors will improve your website ranking on search engines and increase customer satisfaction.”

Additionally, get to know your customers. This will help you come up with an aesthetic for the site, so you can decide what fonts and color schemes to use. Additionally, you’ll know what keywords to use in your blog posts, which is another great way of getting new customers. Especially as a writer, having a blog associated with your website is another way of showing off your talents.

Connect with clients

Finally, you need to connect with clients. Now that you’ve gotten great experience and set up a great website, you can use social media platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn to find new clients. For Instagram, check out these Instagram Tools to use the right hashtags and find your followers. When it comes to LinkedIn, follow groups and companies that look like they’d need content writers. And give your profile a makeover and make yourself visible to employers.

You also want your social media profiles to reflect who you are. Think about your ideal customers, and attract them. If you want to work for startups, use hashtags the startup community is using, and connect with them on Twitter and Instagram. If you want to work for more traditional companies, have a more serious tone both in your social media profiles and on your website. And whatever you do, advertise on Facebook: a majority of Americans use this platform, and it’s a guaranteed place to find clients.

Now that you’ve gotten the right experience and made your online presence known, you’ll start getting customers in no time. Why have you decided to become a freelance content writer?

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