How to Make the Most of Tab Redesign in Site Design for 2018

How to Make the Most of Tab Redesign in Site Design for 2018

Starting with Chrome 15, Google has done a makeover to its New Tab Page. This is in response to the demand of more users to Chrome make tabs larger. Well, the New Tab page gets displayed once you open a new tab. What was supposed to be a blank space is now a docking station for your bookmarks, apps and sites you often visit. These icons and thumbnails served as links for the above are rendered on top of a sleek black grid. Navigation can be achieved through arrow or status bar buttons.

The status bar that contains a pop-up menu with links to the last ten tabs you opened and closed can be expanded beyond the aforementioned categories. The new tab page of Chrome gives you the ability to create your custom categories. A new feature integrated is a convenient link to the traditional Bookmark Manager of Chrome. If you want to get the most out of this new tab page, first you need to launch your Chrome browser and then open a tab. The New Tab page should be displayed. The default screen will showcase the weight websites you frequently visit, presented as page titles and thumbnail images. If you want to visit any of these sites, just click on the respective image.

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Click on the Apps button located in the Chrome Status Bar. Every Chrome app installed will be displayed. In order to launch an app, all you have to do is click on the respective image. After that, click on the Bookmarks button located in the Chrome Status Bar. Another useful tool that can be built right into the Chrome status bar, is Grammarly — which helps site owners and content writer create better written content for their sites.

Aside from the Apps, Most Visited and Bookmarks, Chrome also enables the creation of your own custom category. To be able to create the category, first you need to drag a desired item to a blank space in the Status Bar. Once done, a new line button is created. Drag any items you want in the new category. Take note that the items from the original categories can be combined in the custom category that you have made.

In the bottom right hand corner of the New Tab Page is a menu button that is labeled Recently Close. If you click there, it will display a list of the last ten tabs you have closed in the browser. At this point, the Chrome Bookmarks shall be displayed and that is represented by favicon images and titles. If you want to visit a bookmarked website, just click on the respective image.

Also, you can launch the Bookmark Manager of Chrome by simply click on the Manage bookmarks link that you can find in the upper right hand corner of the page.

The fact that chrome makes tabs larger is enough for its users to appreciate such effort. Aside from the convenience it offers, larger tab page also enables them to save more time as it negates the need to type the name of the website on the address bar. They just have to look for it on the New Tab page and click on it to visit the website again.

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