Freefrom Products Are Edging Towards the Mainstream

Freefrom Products Are Edging Towards the Mainstream

The Food and Drink Industry Network’s recent seminar on Freefrom foods had a packed agenda, industry speakers and guests.

Freefrom products, those without gluten or dairy or nuts for example, posed some interesting questions and attendees were reminded about the millennials importance in this aggressive food marketing era.

It’s reasonable to assert that Freefrom foods are no longer niche, they’re becoming mainstream in a prosperous £800 million market. The days of one or two token items being stocked by supermarket chains are gone, Freefrom now commands extensive shelf space and flows in to the mainstream aisles.

Did you know that 20% of consumers are millennials?

It’s excellent food public relations to approach this market strongly and with the respect it deserves. Brands and companies are therefore working hard to satisfy this group; it risks failure to ignore them.

Today, 9 in 10 consumers do not have a medical intolerance or allergy to lead them to the Freefrom products, it’s a lifestyle choice. They provide 50% of the food category’s value. Retailers and manufacturers were asked to remember that success and growth depended not only on the present market but through product development programmes in future months and years.

At the Food and Drink Industry Network’s event there was a small group of millennials who spoke of their expectations of the Freefrom manufacturers and retailers.

  • More Freefrom ready-to-go products.
  • Greater affordability.
  • Clearer warnings on packaging.
  • Credible, confident packaging.
  • Better in-store advertising and signage for Freefrom.
  • More social media activity and information – Call your PR food expert now to restructure your digital media. Don’t lose valuable ground. The millennials want it; you should execute their order.

Food marketing must engage these lifestyle and millennial consumers via a range of approaches from food PR events to digital media streams. Web content, social media, infographics, food demonstrations and meet and greets are food public relations staples but to harness their full power please seek professionals like the outstanding team at Ceres PR, a food and drink PR firm with a proven track record and dedicated, innovative specialists.

Note too, consumers may see hundreds of pieces of advertising every day but this doesn’t translate in to sales conversions. Consumers trust PR and feel that it is more inclusive and co-ordinated responsibly. There is no hard selling. Use PR’s better reputation to your advantage.

Taking on food PR as a non-trained professional is often a costly, time consuming pursuit because food marketing may be addressed to the incorrect consumers, miss core areas or utilise less rewarding devices. Don’t waste time, money or resources, instead hire food public relations leaders and enjoy peace of mind that your products and brand awareness will be optimally launched or restored to prominence. The return on investment is worth every penny.

Simon Colvan from Ceres PR was at the FDIN’s seminar and appreciates that Freefrom is going mainstream. This promises growth, if food marketing is handled effectively.

Ensure that your Freefrom products benefit from the best food public relations operatives and tools available.

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