Five Creative and Innovative Ways to Make Use of Bar Stools

Five Creative and Innovative Ways to Make Use of Bar Stools

When it comes to decorating your home, your bar stools are not left behind as they help play major roles in the decoration. You don’t necessarily require a breakfast nook to get the best out of a bar stool. You can simply achieve this by thinking out of the box, especially when you have a 123ink bar stools. Here are five creative ways you can use your bar stools for every room in your home.

#1: As a Side Table

This involves you transforming your idle barstools to a side table. It could be a reading nook or any other small space in your home, all you need to is to add a bar stool next to your favorite seat, this way, they serve as a side table. A bar stool works as a small accent table that gives off the look.

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#2: To Place Your Keys

There is nothing more annoying than the stress of losing your keys or having to search for them especially if you have little time. A creative way to catch your keys as you walk in the door and when you want to leave the house (car keys) is to place a bar stool in the entryway with a decorative tray on the top. This way, it’ll be difficult to lose your keys as the bar stools create a can’t miss catch for all your keys.

#3: As a Plant Stand

This involves you taking your floral arrangement unto the next level and spicing things up. Rather than the traditional way of placing your plant vases by the window or on tables, you can set them up on bar stools. It is pretty simple to do yourself and creates a stunning and chic decorative display.

#4: To Keep Towels Tidy

If you have not yet found a room for you to place a towel rack, improvise using a bar stool. You could place a bar stool beside the bathtub or just outside the shower to create an all-purpose holder for not only your towel but toiletries as well. This creative arrangement helps keep your towels plush and prevents your toiletries from being waterlogged.

#5: As A DIY desk

You could use bar stools to create an innovative study. This can be done by simply placing two bar stools as the base of a desk. Then lay a hack of wood plank or large decorative tray across both bar stools. This arrangement is perfect for home studios.


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