Explore the elegance of Stockholm with Mack Prioleau

Explore the elegance of Stockholm with Mack Prioleau

Stockholm with all its historic significance is not only a sheer museum piece; it is modern and ever-changing. The capital city of Sweden is one of the most beautiful historic hubs of Europe. To explore the historic essence of Stockholm, you need to see it through the eyes of Mack Prioleau.

It is not a hidden fact that Mack loves to tour around the world. Be it imposing places, captivating cathedrals or magnificent mountains, Mack Prioleau is simply enthusiastic about the natural beauty of mother earth.

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Here are what one should check out while visiting Stockholm :-

  1. The Vasa Museum – The beauty of The Vasa Museum will make you stay back for a long time. There is a long history behind this museum. In 1628, in the middle of Stockholm, the ship Vasa sank on its voyage. For long centuries the ship remained under water. In 1961, the ship was rediscovered and brought up. The most wonderful thing about this ship is, it does not have a hint of external artwork. This seventeenth century ship has been preserved in 95% of its original form. Mack did not get a chance to visit Stockholm, but when he does, he plans to visit this museum. The Vasa Museum holds exhibitions displaying the life of the people on ship.
  2. The Royal Palace – The Royal Palace is not only one of the largest palaces of Europe but it is also the official home of the King of Sweden. It has more than 600 rooms. Here you can experience the royalty of the eighteenth century. The interior reflects elegance and style. While you are here don’t forget to explore the Tre Kronor, lll’s Museum of Antiquities and the Treasury. Also you need to keep a track of the soldiers’ parade and the changing of guard. It is a must watch for anyone visiting this place.
  3. Skansen Open-air Museum – If you are planning a family outing, then this place is the perfect destination for you. Sporting a magnificent view, Skansen Open-air Museum is settled on the lap of Royal Djurgarden. It is the home to more than 100 farms. Your kids will love this place, as it has a large zoo. You can learn about the native animals and the rich culture of this place. A passionate traveller like Mack Prioleau has shortlisted this place as a must-visit on his list. This should qualify at the top spot in your list of musts visits as well.

Stockholm is the perfect blend of history and modern era brought together. The traveller side of Mack Prioleau craves to explore the essence of this place. According to Mack, this city reflects history in the most royal way. A holiday planned in Sweden should include Stockholm.

If you are planning to visit Stockholm, you should not restrict yourself to the three mentioned places only. If you have time you can check out Drottningholm Palace, ABBA Museum and Moderna Museet. These places will also give you an idea about the life and the history of Stockholm.

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