Divorce Queries to Ask from your Divorce Attorney on Initial Consultancy

Divorce Queries to Ask from your Divorce Attorney on Initial Consultancy

No law in the United States mandates hiring a lawyer to initiate or get a divorce. Since the overall cost of terminating marriage is enormous, many prefer handling tasks such as court fillings and paperwork themselves. Although this seems to be a viable option in some cases, others should seek professional help.

Hiring an experienced divorce attorney becomes essential under various cases such as sexual abuse, spousal issue, child related problems, substance or property related matters. Also things that demand careful handling must be dealt professionally. An experienced attorney will help you with complex legal matters associated with divorce proceedings. This way, you can rest assured about getting best possible results.

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Since a divorce lawyer is experienced in handling all kinds of cases, he or she can effectively represent your interests in the court. Hiring a professional is always a good decision as it helps take care of legal matters and all of the requisite things related to the case. This leaves you with enough time to take care of other important tasks.

Hiring a lawyer isn’t an easy task. You need to be extremely careful about allowing someone to represent your case. Hence, it is important to enquire your family or friends to get recommendations. They will suggest you some name according to their experience. Once you get the list of some reputed names, it is time to set up meetings with them. A discussion with your potential lawyer will let you make prudent decision. So prepare a list of queries related to divorce you might want to ask a lawyer prior to your meeting for initial consultation. Noting these questions down will help you know whether the lawyer can effectively handle your case. Make sure you ask a lot of questions about the experience and skill of the attorney. This is also one of the easiest ways to start conversation with the attorney.

Here’s a list of questions you should note prior to your initial meeting with divorce lawyer:

– How long have you been in the field?

– How long have you been handling divorce cases?

– Is this your first case?

– How many cases have you handled in the past?

– Do you practice in other areas of the law? If yes, which fields?

– Have you been dealing with divorce related case since beginning? If no, then how much of your practice is devoted to cases related to divorce?

– May I know the number of clients you help file for divorce each year?

– Do you regularly update your information and skills? If yes, then how would you update yourself in divorce law?

What percentage of your cases are Family Law and Divorce cases?

– Do you have any special certification or training in Family Law and Divorce?

– What is your total experience in this state?

– Do you have experience with courtroom?

– What is the number of his cases that went to trial last year?

– Will I get additional expertise in the law firm?

– Do you work with other experts from your field? Would you like to discuss this case with them?

– Do you believe in settling cases out of court? How many have you settled until now?

– What about Collaborative Divorce? Do you practice it?

– Do you know my spouse?

– Do you know my spouse’s divorce lawyer?
– Are you well accustomed with local Family Court Judges? Do you know how they rule?

– What do you recommend? Is it better to reconcile and negotiate than go to trial?

– Are you experienced with cases related to business valuation, spousal support, negotiating child support, or large financial settlements?

– Can I contact you on phone or email?

– What about your caseload? Are you very busy? Will you be able to devote ample time for my case?

– What is the best time to meet you?

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