Designer Roller Blinds: Time To Do Away With The Old, Plain Look

Designer Roller Blinds: Time To Do Away With The Old, Plain Look

There comes a time in your decorating phase when you realize that white and plain is no longer appealing to the eye. While plain and white window blinds have their own place and value in different settings, they can sometimes be lifeless, sterile and dull; particularly when the surrounding décor follows standard architectural and geometric patterns.

Choosing the right blinds for your house windows can be a surprisingly exciting activity. There’s an ocean of choices for you to select from, and that is an adventure in itself. One of the simplest ways of giving your windows a new look without compromising your interior design’s integrity is by using roller blinds. They are usually easy to install and usually come with all the required hardware. And just as the name suggests, these blinds fold up and are often pulled down by wrapping itself around a wood or metal roller.

In the quest to create some sizzle in an otherwise unadorned setting, interior designers have outsourced some ideas from contemporary art. Although there is virtually a myriad of options regarding window treatments, interior designers and homeowners alike go for the more straightforward approach of treating a window with roller blinds. At one time considered functional rather than stylish, roller blinds, however, are beginning to see some renaissance of a kind.

Since roller shades already offer a sleek and clean look even at their very modest, they have become an attractive option for lay users and professionals. Interior designers are beginning to show preference for their non-intrusive look that often gives a backdrop to any setting. Home owners on the other hand love roller blinds for their ease of operation and their excellent reputation for minimal maintenance.

When it comes to designer roller blinds, however, all aspects of style, art and functionality are now brought together to make houses and other interior living spaces not only places of relaxation and sanctums of personal space but also havens of artistic exhibition. Unlike custom-made or standard roller blinds, designer roller blinds do not emphasize on a single pattern, color or texture. Instead, all these elements are blended to create designs that worth featuring in art shows and galleries.

Not incidentally, designer blinds are mostly conceptualized by artists – not design experts who have already developed a brand for themselves – who intend to showcase their marvelous pieces of creation on other avenues other than the mainstream. Therefore, it is no surprise to realize that designer roller blinds are in most cases used in situ to replicate real works of art. From an art point of view, these blinds look like paintings, and when they are pulled down, home owners are left with affordable pieces of gallery-quality creations.

The themes are as diverse as there are subjects in the visual arts world. For instance, in “earth images,” almost any conceivable organism and natural formation is rendered in stunning detail and color. This category includes seascapes, landscapes, skies and sunsets, fauna, flora and other earthly creatures. Concerning food and drinks, fruits, vegetables, and cocktails are the key subjects. In the art and culture category, ballet and opera, characters and caricatures, pop, abstract, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and fantasy art are the most prevalent themes.

As the needs of the contemporary home owner get more eclectic, interior designers are given a broader remit to conceive artistic creations that would have been viewed as too avant-garde a few decades ago. And as a result, the consumers are becoming more liberal with their tastes in areas of design that were once regarded conservative. Designer roller blinds have been a true reflection of this gradual shift in tastes and preferences.

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