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Started in August 1943, RBL Bank was first initiated as a small regional bank in Maharashtra with its branches only in Kolhapur and Sangli. In the beginning, it was established to provide its services to meet small scale and medium scale business merchant needs. In August 1959, the bank was categorized as Scheduled Commercial Bank within the meaning of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934. It is also recognized as the NH4 Bank among the banking circles for the reason that most of its business comes from regions in and around the 1235 kilometer long National Highway 4 connecting 4 out of 10 major cities of the nation.

In July 2010, Vishwavir Ahuja was announced as the new Managing Director and CEO of the bank and since then the bank underwent into a better transformation of its financial services. To enhance the banking experience of the existing users and to attract new users, the corporation launched its RBL credit cards under different categories to meet specific lifestyle needs and demands of every individual. Each card comes with unique privileges and features in terms of cash back offers and reward point programs. For more details, log on to and pick your card.

The applying process for the card is also easy, just get the RBL Credit Card Application, choose the credit card, check the credit card eligibility, and track the application status in no time. The credit cards are designed to meet different lifestyle needs of people.

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Today, RBL Bank is listed among the fastest growing commercial banks and is still continuing to expand its business across the nation. Currently, it has 183 branches and 351 ATMs across 18 states nationwide. Among the different categories, cardholders can get attractive privileges such as complementary lounge access, free golf course access, discount on dining and entertainment, cash advances, fuel surcharges, and unmatched reward program. Cardholders can also enjoy credit free period of 50 days from the date of credit card issuance.

Check out some of the top RBL Bank Credit Cards packed with delightful features:

  • Insignia preferred World Banking Card
  • RBL Bank Platinum Maxima Card
  • RBL Platinum Delight Card
  • RBL Titanium Delight Card
  • RBL IGU NHS Golf World Card
  • RBL Delhi Daredevils Cricket Credit Card
  • RBL Bank Classic Platinum Card
  • RBL Bank Classic Rewards Card
  • RBL Bank Classic Shoppers Card
  • RBL Bank Fun + Credit Card

Check your eligibility to apply for the card:

Get the RBL Credit Card application and check your eligibility to grab the unique privileges of the card. As the cards are offered by the bank at its sole discretion, there are certain eligibility criteria to be met such as:

  • An applicant should be more than 18 years old
  • He/she should have a valid monthly income


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