Changing physical appearance with plastic surgery

Changing physical appearance with plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is a method that is used to change the body of human beings. This involves reformation of the features and various body parts rejuvenate and alter the body. In India the practice of the surgery is 800 B.C. old, there was a physician named Sushruta who had contributed a lot in this field. Most of the models use this to look beautiful and young. Naidu plastic surgery can be a good option as honesty, loyalty, health, and safety of the clients is the most important and main priority of Naidu plastic surgery. Naidu is the one best surgeon that we have in the world. She is doing her job with utmost sincerity

Types of surgery:

  1.    Aesthetic surgery

Aesthetic surgery is the major and important part of plastic surgery. It deals with facial and body aesthetical surgery. Under this type of the surgery major principles used are those which are used in the cosmetic surgery. Naidu plastic surgery is famous and experienced in this kind of surgeries.

  1.    Burn surgery

Burn surgery is done in two phases. The first phase of surgery takes place right after the burn and is known as acute burn surgery. The second phase of the surgery is conducted after the burn gets healed.

  1.    Craniofacial surgery

It is divided into two parts. One is pediatric; this mostly is used to treat congenital anomalies of skeleton, cleft lips and also treats the soft tissues. The second one is adult craniofacial surgery; this surgery is used to treat the fractures and also deals with secondary surgeries along with ortho surgery.

  1.    Hand surgery

It is done with the severe injuries and chronic diseases related to hand and wrist. It also plays a vital role in the surgery. This type of surgery is practiced by orthopedic surgeons.

  1.    Microsurgery

Microsurgery is used by transferring the tissue to the site from where that tissue is missing to reconstruct it and connecting it to the blood flow. This surgery is done in case of breast, head, neck, hand reconstruction and is also used in brachial plexus surgery.

  1.    Pediatric plastic surgery

Many children face birth defect and other problems, so it is best to treat them during their childhood. So some surgeons are made specialized in treating the child surgeries, these surgeons as known as a pediatric plastic surgeon.

Techniques and procedure

The transferring of skin tissues is common in plastic surgeries. They can get the skin grafts from the donor or recipient

. Autografts: these are the grafts that are taken from the recipient himself. If there is a deficiency of the tissues than the alternative tissues of epithelial cells can be used.

. Allografts: these are the tissues that are taken from the donor of the same species.

Xenografts: these are those tissues which are taken from the different species of the donor

Final thoughts:

The results of the plastic surgery emphasize planning. The use of the surgery is proven to be a blessing for the people as it hides their various wounds and burns and other problems thus it is very helpful.

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