Car Manufacturing Made Easy with Automotive Robots

Car Manufacturing Made Easy with Automotive Robots

It takes a lot of parts to make a single car. Without a focused mind, the right tools applied at the right time, and the perseverance to put them together accurately, you could wind up with an elaborate piece of junk.

With the latest automotive robots, companies no longer have to hassle over mistakes and injuries on the job. Smart and innovative robotic arms can be programmed to precision to ensure every lug and bolt is where it should be.

And in record time too.

With the demand for motor vehicles on the rise, and in varying styles, interior, and technical functions, it is becoming increasingly expensive for companies to maintain a steady stream of employees that is sure to produce consistent quality.

There are four main areas that demonstrate exactly how automotive robots can be assimilated intoproduction oron the assembly line.

1.     Assembly of Automobile Parts

Think of all the individual parts that come together to form a well-oiled machine. It could take a team of workers several months to get a single car operational. Automotive robots assist the process by cutting down on assembly time.

They are able to manipulate different materials such as wood, plastic, and metal. Automotive robots can be programmed to recognize when a human is present. At such a time, their activity level is reduced to avoid accidents, and can then be reset to full speed when the human leaves.

Nissan Motor Company, faced with an aging workforce and the need to cut back oncosts, such as hiring relief workers, automated their processes with UR10 cobots. To make the assembly line go faster they needed an automotive robot that could manage a 100V outlet, be able to work in tandem with humans on some processes while working within the boundaries of a safety net.

These automotive robots have safety guards that ensure a high level of security, and Nissan was able to pack, palletize, and assemble parts faster than they were able to before.

2.     CNC Machine Tending

Computer operated machine tools are used extensively in the automotive area. Automotive robots can increase the speed of production while cutting down on any risks associated with working too closely with these heavy-duty machines.

They are able to maximize efficiencyand can sync easily with any CNC application. Though lightweight, automotive robots can overcome significant temperature changes and can operate under aggressive environmental conditions.

3.     Machine Tending

It can be a lot of strain on human muscles to constantly feed small parts onto a belt. Or, to be squeezing through tight spaces to get that axle adjusted just right.

With these automotive robots, machine tending is smoother. Making a car can get messy and dangerous. The application and use of automotive robots spare employees the boredom of repetitive work and frees them up for other tasks.

Because automotive robots work faster, too, your level of production will be boosted. They are best, however, with a low volume of work at any given time.

4.     Quality Inspection

Making a car takes a lot of precision and ‘once overs’, or ‘several overs’, in this case. Inspection of a single unit can take days the company could have been using more productively.

It is a necessary part of the job so as to ensure products aren’t recalled. Using automotive robots simplify the task of inspection. A cobot can be programmed for specificity without the worry of growing tired or making a mistake due to tired eyes from long hours of work.

They guarantee precision since they have zero margins of error. Automotive robots are enabled with vision cameras that aid with 3-D measurements and non-destructive tests.

Once programmed, they can easily detect faults in manufacture before products are packed and shipped. They will better a company’s bottom line and preserve goodwill by helping to guarantee finished products that meet safety standards.


Collaborative robots make the manufacturing process cheaper and easier with programmable robots that are able to work non-stop while ensuring quality.

They are easily integrated onto an automobile production line with the aid of automotive robots that can be combined with human labor to produce the best outputs.

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