Call in Experts to Create a Successful PR Campaign

Call in Experts to Create a Successful PR Campaign

“The process of shaping opinion, attitudes and perceptions was termed “engineering of consent” by one of the founders of the modern Public Relations industry, Edward Bernays.” Noam Chomsky.

Taking on PR food campaign work yourself is fraught with difficulties and often results in an imbalance of promotions, productivity and return on investment issues. Frequently, approaches to the incorrect markets and overselling occur.

If your focus is normally in the food development and production areas how will you find the time to amass the knowledge of PR experts to make your product popular?

Undeniably, the effective way to promote your fresh to market food product or one which needs a boost is via food PR agencies who have professionals with the qualifications, practical experience and tools to make a PR food campaign deliver the best results for you.

PR has 7 times more credibility with consumers than advertising according to a recent survey. Relying on advertising alone means that you are limiting your reach and therefore brand awareness suffers.

The PR food specialists at Ceres PR have found that learning about an enterprise, becoming familiar with the product and understanding what makes the item special and the brand unique offers the most benefits for the PR food campaign’s execution.

PR food specialists who maximise productivity and potential by utilising the full extent of their resources are an invaluable asset to your business. Always look for food PR agencies that work with nutritionists, dieticians and home economists.  You’ll also need them to have photographic and style experts, producers and directors, for infographic and video media. Ceres PR has these attributes in-house.

A compelling PR food campaign will use:

  • Media directed towards consumers, B2C, and B2B.
  • A website.
  • Creative content which can be shared.
  • Outreach through digital channels e.g. social media platforms.
  • PR events – The PR agency manages the process from location selection to stand creation and recipe demonstrations, meet and greets and question and answer sessions.

Online is the core area for consumers data gathering and purchase activities so PR food agencies use videos which entertain as they inform. These feature calls to action which are irresistible for many viewers.

Jargon is widely in use in PR, here’s what some of the most common terms mean:

Above the line: This is advertising that is talking at you. Two examples are TV and radio.

Below the line: This is advertising that talks to you, examples are leaflets and mail campaigns.

Marcomms:  These are marketing communications which focus on the product or service, rather than the business.

Social Messaging: A social media platform invites interest and attracts followers.

Community Relations: Corporate social outreach initiatives which are designed to build informed relations and communicate the role of a business within a local community.

Corporate communication: Public relations for a corporation. This is part of the company’s short and long-term plans to meet objectives.

Give your food product and brand the best possible launch and market share by hiring PR food specialists.

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