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In this category, you can find the list of Mod apk Games developed for Android Casual Games.

i Fishing Lite(MOD (One Hit) v1.0.92

i Fishing Lite(MOD (Unlocked, No Ads) v4.1.2

The Mouse, the Frog, and the Hawk....
i Fishing Lite(MOD APK (Unlimited Gold) v2.0.4

i Fishing Lite(APK v1.8.9

<p>If you haven't heard already I'd be surprised, but it looks like Facebook has taken a leaf out on iOS 10's book by releasing their new Messenger games - Instant Games.</p><p>We all know that people can take forever to message back on Facebook (totally not me *hem hem*) so why not pass the time with a game or two?</p><p>It's not exactly like the iMessage games in that a lot of the games available are single player. You can then egg your friends/family on my rubbing your high score in their faces thus prompting them to accept the challenge and beat it.</p><p>So far the following games are available: Endless Lake, Hex FRVR, EverWing, 2020 Connect, Words with Friends, Brick Pop, Templar 2048, PAC-MAN, Zookeeper, Bust-A-Move Blitz, Wordalot Express, Shuffle Cats Mini, The Tribez: Puzzle Rush, Track &amp; Field 100M, Space Invaders, Arkanoid, and Galaga. So it's a good mix of classic, interactive, and new(ish) games.</p><p>If you'd like to know how you can get involved with this new feature, check out our article on it here.</p>...
i Fishing Lite(APK v1.31.14

i Fishing Lite(MOD (Skins Unlocked) v2.2.2

Spec Defense Mod Spec Defense Mod APK 1.1.2 f2 Features:The norms defense is a good combination of tower defense, strategy and puzzle solutions in thought.Spec Defense es la defensa de torres de un hombre pensante con estrategia y resolución de acertijos para una buena combinación. Está diseñado para ser una cosa y solo una cosa, una experiencia de defensa de torre atractiva con mucha profundidad estratégica. - Laberinto único como niveles, cada uno es diferente. - Múltiples estrategias viables para completar cada nivel. - árbol tecnológico no lineal, elige entre una nueva torre única, mejoras o ventajas especiales - desbloquea más torres y elige una combinación que se adapte a tu estilo de juego / estrategia - desafiante con mucha repetibilidad - Modo sin fin para cada nivel.....
i Fishing Lite(MOD (Free Shopping (Heroes/Pets)) v1.6.2

i Fishing Lite(MOD (High Damage, All Sub Quests Completed) v3.11.1

"It was God's will, Anne," said Marilla, helpless before the riddle of the universe--the WHY of undeserved pain. "And little Joy is better off."...
i Fishing Lite(MOD (Quick Shot) v4.9.5

i Fishing Lite(MOD APK (Paid, Unlimited Stamina) v1.13

Religious love put out religion's eye....